Meat Helmet is a scrutinizing look at the fast food chains absurd attempt of fast food chains to market to the health conscious. Most recently, McDonald’s produced the Adult Happy meal, complete with areplacing the “prize” childern would receive with a pedometer. This step-counter was a laughable attempt to derail redirect a growing awareness of McDonald’s most unhealthy menu selections. SWAMP’s “Meat Helmet” introduces the antithetical adult-happy meal; designed to reveal, rather than conceal, the contradictions inherent with health-conscious fast food.

The Big Mac is a standard unit in fast food iconography. It also has 560 calories, and if you want to eat one and be physically fit – “Meat Helmet” will teach expose you the arduous pains of enjoying such a luxury. Controlled by a CPU located in the belt, pPneumatic ‘air muscles’ control the helmet, forceing the user to eat at specified intervals specified by a CPU located on a belt. The on-board program sends out commands to an electronic valve, which controls thecontrolling the supply of compressed air to the air muscles. A keypad allows the user to punch-in the number of calories about to be consumed (Big Mac = 560), where the “Meat Helmet” program will calculate how long one must chew to burn them off 
(chewing = 70 calories/hour), starting the helmet’s forced-chewing upon the user (8 hour workout!