Spore is featured in Stephen Wilson’s book Art Science Now

Publishers Weekly review:

Starred Review. Wilson (Information Arts), Professor of Conceptual and Information Arts at San Francisco University, presents a fascinating collection of art involving molecular and macro-biology, physical sciences (pure and applied), kinetics, robotics, processing-and-sorting algorithms, and other scientific fields in ways that “confront the problem of definitional boundaries head-on.” Though works sometimes “do not look like either art or science,” they all involve a creative celebration or critique of science; some artists even invent “totally new technologies” out of their own labs. With color photographs of works from more than 200 artists world-wide, accompanied by brief explanations and chapter introductions, this is a volume that provokes much thought with a minimum of text, by turns mind-expanding (like Ken Rinaldo’s Augmented Fish Reality, based on research into fish intelligence), fun (a virtual reality dance floor from Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape and Dan Neveu), provocative (Wim Delvoye’s working robotic recreation of the human digestive system), and educational (like projects involving atomic force microscopy, functional MRI, and galvanic skin response). As Wilson points out, “much of the experimental work described in this book has not yet been assimilated into mainstream institutions,” making this an excellent introduction to the art world’s growing class of cutting-edge scientific commentators.

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