Kenyon speaks at Chautauqua Institution

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On Friday, July 11, Matt Kenyon will be speaking about his recent work at New York’s Chautauqua Institution. Kenyon will also be conducting studio visits with Chautauqua students during his week-long Chautauqua residency.Other speakers include New Yorker lead art critic Jerry Saltz, former executive editor of The New York Times Jill Abramson, former U.S. Attorney […]

State of Emergency Features Notepad

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State of Emergency Features Kenyon’s Notepad projectJanuary 13, 2014Matt Kenyon’s Notepad will be shown with works by Ai Weiwei, Mel Chin and more in State of Emergency, opening Jan. 23 in Davidson, NC.Curated by Lia Newman, the works of art in State of Emergency depict both real and imagined disasters. The exhibition features 18 contemporary […]

SWAMP at Re-New in Copenhagen

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The Notepad is an act of protest and commemoration disguised as a stack of ordinary yellow legal pads. Each ruled line, when magnified, is revealed to be microprinted text enumerating the full names, dates, and locations of each Iraqi civilian death on record over the first three years of the Iraq War. A massive printed […]

Coke is it at Parodic Machines

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Matt Kenyon: Coke is it at Parodic MachinesOctober 28, 2013Matt Kenyon’s Coke is it is featured in Parodic Machines, a new exhibition at Davidson College’s Van Every Gallery in Davidson, North Carolina from Oct. 24 – Dec. 13.In this artwork, the routine destruction we do to our bodies, mitigated through corporate mass media, is comically […]

Supermajor Featured in thisiscolossal

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Matt Kenyon’s Supermajor Featured: thisiscolossalSupermajor is featured on thisiscolossal, a “website that explores art, design, and photography, with a focus on work that is non-digital.” Some of the most amazing contemporary artists working in the realm of optical illusion have been brought together for a fantastic show called Illusion at Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland. […]

Supermajor in Argentina

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Matt Kenyon’s Supermajor is on display at the 404 festival of art and technology in Rosario, Argentina. Artists from over 40 countries have chosen the platform of “404 Festival”, the oldest festival of New Media of Argentina, to present their works. The 404 Festival has travelled around the world displaying its content in countries like […]

Notepad at the (CICA) in South Korea

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  Kenyon’s Notepad is featured in “Across Voices” at the  Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) in South Korea. Mar 2015

Drive-Thru at Matteawan Gallery

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Matteawan Gallery is pleased to present Drive-Thru, a group exhibition featuring work by Christopher Albert, Liam Goodman, Peter Iannarelli and Matt Kenyon. The exhibition runs through August 31, 2013, and features sculpture, multi-media works, and video. On the night of the opening, Liam Goodman will also be presenting The First Annual Fast Food Training Film […]

Illusion, an exhibition at Science Gallery, Dublin.

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Matt Kenyon‘s work “Supermajor” is featured July 11 – Sept. 29 in Illusion, an exhibition at the Trinity College Science Gallery, Dublin.Curated by Richard Wiseman, author of best selling books like Quirkology and 59 Seconds and Britain’s only Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology,  ILLUSION promises to be fascinating insight into the human mind, […]

(in)Habitation MOCAD

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Curated by Gregory Tom and featuring the work of Jason Ferguson, Osman Khan and Matt Kenyon, (in)Habitation aims to consider (and reconsider) the concept of “domesticity”. Ubiquitous elements of the home — for instance, a table and chairs, a houseplant or a simple beam — are altered or subverted by complex ideas about faith, the […]